As I was reading this week’s chapter of ‘A Companion to Heritage Studies’, the part about the “dynamic nature of stories and rituals”(page 439) really made an impression on me. I love the idea that there can never be any right or wrong version of particular myths and stories, and that trying to designate one version as official or authorised would be really difficult. Part of the appeal of this kind of heritage is that stories were passed on orally from generation to generation, and it is only natural that small changes occur (much as they do in a game of Chinese Whispers).

This section of the reading also reminded me that the Scottish International Storytelling Festival is coming up at the end of October. The festival features Scottish and international storytellers and runs for 10 days, with most of the events held in Edinburgh. It would be a great opportunity to experience cultural heritage, live, and passed on by award-winning storytellers. If it sounds like something any of you would be interested in attending, more information on this year’s festival can be found here!