This past Sunday, 25th of September, I had the pleasure of volunteering at an international celebration in my neighborhood.


The ‘Celebrate Eid with your Neighbours ‘ event took place at the Royston Wardieburn Community centre in Granton, Edinburgh and it was a great family celebration and a lot of fun.

The event honouring Eid al Adha, the second biggest celebration of the Muslim calendar, was organized by local residents with the aid of Living in Harmony. It was my first experience of this tradition and I truly enjoyed it. People from different countries and backgrounds had come together and there were different foods traditional for celebrating this occasion from around the world.

It was truly a family event with children performing and playing around, a few speeches from esteemed members of the community and presentations with background information about the occasion.

The food was amazing and everyone was enjoying themselves, sharing the experience and their company.

I believe that this was truly an occasion of Intangible Cultural Heritage developing and evolving in front of our eyes. Different traditions were honoured and brought together, but also people were introduced into this celebration, who maybe like myself had little prior knowledge of it. The most important aspect of this experience for me was how it showed that our diverse cultural heritage brings us together and in turn molds the culture of the present and the future as it happens.


Picture source: Event poster was circulated, photographs were taken at the event by another participant and circulated to author.