In this last post I would like to talk about the visit we made this morning, since it was really interesting and it also made me reflecting about the sites of Palermo. I will explain you why.

Today, we went to the Edinburgh World Heritage in the Old Town, which is an independent charity, whose director, manager and leader is Adam Wilkinson. He explained us how they work to rebuilt buildings in the city to preserve and harmonize and protect the heritage sites. For example, he made us the example of a bus stop or an Italian restaurant in the old town that are going to be rebuilt to be in a harmony with that part of the city. However, obtaining the consensus to start the work is not a simple process and not always they could be done, since sometimes the owner of that building or that shop doesn’t want to start the work process. After the meeting, we went to see Calton Hill, where the director told us that he is working to make it a cleaner place, respecting the natural environment, and some of the buildings around and having a “direct approach” was even more useful to see in practice what Mr. Wilkinson was explaining. This made me reflecting about the city where I live. We have an old city center in Palermo of the eighteenth century, where buildings and really beautiful churches were built in that period and they are really beautiful. During the years some of them have been rebuilt, above all because many shops were built in the buildings and their facades were more modern compared to the rest of the buildings, therefore they were rebuilt to adapt them to the old facades.

Moreover, doing some researches, I found that in August 2016 a legislation was done by the major in order to start works to rebuilt some of the buildings that weren’t still rebuilt in order to protect the heritage of the city and to make the buildings safer at the same time.

Another old building which is going to rebuilt was one in Via Dante, always in Palermo, which is an old part of the city as well and it is going to be rebuilt.

palazzo antico.jpg

Palermo is a city plenty of old buildings and heritages, that need to be preserved, even if the time passes and new changes always come up.

This meeting today was really interesting, because it made me think about another part of my city I didn’t think about before and  it can be linked to many other examples of other cities.

Even if I will keep you updated with other posts,I would like to conclude this post for the last session of these fantastic lectures, with a video dedicated to my island.

“Affaccia, beddra, e senti sta canzuni,

La cantu sulu a tia, cocciu d’amuri.

Si nun ti viu, mi veni di muriri”.

This means:

“Show up, beauty, and listen to this song,

I sing it only for you, my love.

If I don’t see you, I would die”. 

The distance made me love my city more, and I am looking forward to seeing it again.



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