Crosstalk, an art of language


Speaking of the beauty of language, there are a lot of ways to present it. Within these ways, the art like crosstalk will make it funnier.


To understand the crosstalk easier, it is a bit similar as the talk show in western. But unlike the talk show, the crosstalk is a more complex and more artistic presentation.


When it started in 19 centuries, there are three different forms of crosstalk, the single crosstalk, double crosstalk, and multi crosstalk. The form like the talk show the most is double crosstalk. Both of them are using funny event and unexpected to touch the punchline of the audiences. However, the talk show usually is unique by different player and they cannot play it again for another time in next play. The talk show is more value the reaction and strain capacity of the player. But the crosstalk normally has a script and it can be inherited by the students of the players. In this reason, each part of a complete crosstalk will have an integrated story then make audiences laugh with “burden” (包袱). because of the story, the burdens always have foreshadows the achieve the unexpectedness. And more important, the burdens are highly related on the cooperation between two players. (国际艺术界, 2006) In this reason, the acting of crosstalk is smoother and more natural than talk show.


As an art, the crosstalk has its own system to study for the new players. Generally, the crosstalk has four skills to present the art: speak, imitate, amuse, and sing. These skills are not as easy as they look like. In speak part, it requires player have a quick and clean mouth. The players must pronounce the words precisely and fluently. For the imitate part, it not only includes the imitation of items and animals but also include other traditional opera from different regions. (国际艺术界, 2006) By all means, it requires the players to spend a lot of time to practice and it will be the occupation of the players for their whole life.


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