Terracotta Army is of great value in the history of art. The molding of Terracotta Army is created on the basis of real life, and the artistic technique is delicate and bright. Pottery dress, do not look the same. There are many kinds of hairstyles, the gestures are different, and the facial expressions are more different. From their costumes, expressions and gestures, it is possible to judge whether an officer or a soldier is an infantry or a cavalry. There are old soldiers who have long beards in the sand field, and young people in the first battlefield. Up to 1.96 meters tall general figurines, stands upright, contemplation, showed a strong expression of the mighty. The warriors, head slightly raised, staring straight ahead, and with high spirits seemed somewhat childish. The man was wearing a armor, a spear in his right hand, and his left hand on the car’s warrior, and his posture showed that he was defending the warrior warriors. In short, strong characteristics of the times with a distinct personality of the pottery. The Terracotta Army is the treasure house of the art of sculpture, which adds splendor to the splendid ancient culture of the Chinese nation and adds a glorious page to the history of the world art. Terracotta Army pit unearthed bronze weapons sword, spear, halberd, machetes, large crossbow arrows. According to the test data, these copper tin alloy weapons after chrome treatment, although buried in the soil for more than two thousand years, the blade is sharp and sparkling, indicating that there has been a very high metallurgical technology at that time, which can be regarded as a miracle in the history of world metallurgy. Into the Terracotta Army hall, you will be two thousand years before the underground army marvel, their gallant array, armed to the teeth, of great momentum, a magical trance will introduce people horses neighing, fierce battle imminent historical picture. This is the great charm of classical realism. He showed the world an important page in the history of Chinese art, which has been lost for more than two thousand years. To some extent, it is a mysterious chapter of “not seeing the ancients before seeing the future”. Qin Terracotta Army offers a wealth of materials for the study of the Qin Dynasty military, culture and economy. Its excavation is known as “one of the great discoveries in the history of Archaeology in the twentieth Century”. In December 1987, UNESCO has the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor (including the terracotta) inscribed on the world heritage list. It is understood that in the central and local support, plans to invest two hundred million yuan for the two phase expansion project of the Museum of terra cotta warriors. Terracotta Army is the ancient Chinese art treasures, is the embodiment of the Qin Dynasty, perfect realistic art form tall, well proportioned, vivid, lifelike expression, as thousands of thousands of people face true to life. The magnificent like Qin Shihuang that year for the completion of a unified representation of China big industry and the military and show military might. It is a unique colorful pearl, because it has a team of more than two thousand years in the army. Terracotta Army is the treasure house of the art of sculpture. It has added brilliance to the splendid ancient culture of the Chinese nation, and has also added a glorious page to the history of the world art.